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A fantastic stairlift that only occupies 10.5" of stairwell space is the Pinnacle. Easy and secure entrances and exits are made possible by a swivel seat at the higher landing. The seat has a full-sized backrest that is fully padded, as well as a retractable seat belt for safety. For a quiet and comfortable ride, the Pinnacle features a helical worm gear drive system. Because there is no need for grease or lubrication thanks to a nylon polymer gear rack, the lift requires no maintenance and is simple to clean.

Pinnacle Premium Stair Lift

  • Lift Seat Width: 19" 
    Lift Seat Depth: 18" 
    Seat Rotation: 90 ° 
    Distance From Wall: 5" 
    Lift Top Speed: 19 Feet per Minute 
    Incline Limit: 30 ° to 45 °
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