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The ZiiLIF-R3 is a revolutionary built electric scooter for travel. The scooter is extremely lightweight due to its superior aluminum alloy build. When folded, the scooter is exceedingly compact, making it easy to transport in a vehicle trunk or on a flight. If you enjoy traveling, this scooter is ideal for you and everyone who values lightweight design. It has practical applications as well.

ZiiLIF-R3b 2024 Ultra Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter for Travel Senior/Adu

    • Easy Operation: Mobility scooter can move forward and backward by operating the right and left throttle control lever respectively.
    • Maximum Capacity load: 275 lbs (125 Kg)

    • Unfolded Dimensions(LXBXH): 39.4 in. (1000mm) X 21.9 in. (557 mm) X 36.6 in. (930 mm)

    • Folded Dimensions(LXBXH): 37.4 in. (950mm) X 21.9 in. (557 mm) X 18.1 in. (459 mm)

    • USB charging port for mobile device 

    • Additional charging port on scooter 

    • Front Wheel: diameter 6'' (155 mm) X 1'' (25 mm)

    • Rear Wheel: diameter 10'' (250 mm) X 2'' (49 mm) solid tires (maintenance free)

    • Max Speed: 4.04 mph (6.5 km/h)

    • Obstacle Clearance Height: 2.36'' (60 mm)

    • Ditch Width: 3.93'' (100 mm)

    • Driving Range: Single battery pack covers 7.5 miles (12 km) to 10miles(16km) on one charge. One backup battery pack can extend the range to 15 miles. The range varies with body weight, temperature, and road conditions. 

    • Travel Friendly Battery: Backup batteries can extend your range and our design reduces the charging time of each. You are able to charge one battery while using another one, it makes your scooter active all time. Batteries can be manually replaced with ease. Put battery in protective pouch alone when removed from the scooter.

    • Minimum Steering Radius: 5.09 ft (1.55 m)

    • Ground Clearance: 2.95'' (75 mm)

    • Controller: Smart Brushless. 

    • Weight (without Battery): 37.5 lb (17 kg)

    • Brake System: Electric-Magnetic

    • Driving System: Rear Drive

    • Battery: 25.2 V/10.4 Ah Lithium-ion Battery 3.5 lb (1.77 kg)

    • Motor Power: 120 W

    • Charger: 29.4 V/2 A

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