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The VISTA by Travel Buggy is a foldable power chair that is suitable for people who want a mobility device that is simple to use and operate on their own. The VISTA's small design includes a simple one-step fold sequence that shrinks the power chair to the size of a suitcase for storage or travel in the back of any car. With a weight of under 50 pounds, there is no need for specialized transport vehicles, vans, or pricey elevators. VISTA has a range of 11.5 miles on a single charge, five speed settings, and can comfortably handle tight corners, small doorframes, and comfortable indoor places. 

VISTA Foldable Power Chair by Travel Buggy

  • Drive Range: 11.50 miles 
    Top Speed: 4.50 mph 
    Disassembles: No 
    Turning Radius: 26.00" 
    Ground Clearance: 3.00" 
    Tire Type: Solid 
    Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive 
    Foldable: Yes 
    Legrest Options: Footplate 
    Seat Options: Stadium Seat 
    Power Chair Seat Width: 19" 
    Seat Depths: 17" 
    Seat to Floor Height: 20 
    Overall Width: 24.00" 
    Overall Length: 43.00" 
    Joystick Options: Right 
    Battery Type: One 24V 11AH Lithium Ion Battery (Airline Approved) 
    Batteries Included: Yes 
    Battery Charger Type: On Board 
    Off Board 
    Drive Wheel Size: 12" 
    Caster Size: 8" 
    Caster Type: Solid 
    Base Weight: 55.00 lbs. 
    Battery Pack Weight: 5.00 lbs. 
    Weight Without Batteries: 50.00 lbs. 
    Handles Thresholds of 2" or More: Yes
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