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The So Lite™ Scooter is very light, very safe, and intended to get you moving. Shop, visit friends and family, and get out and about... the battery can travel up to eight miles on a single charge. 


The So Lite™ Scooter combines the stability and safety of a four-wheel scooter with the tiny size and convenience of a three-wheel scooter. 

With Electronic Stability Control (ESC), you can be confident that the So Lite™ Scooter will intelligently slow you down as you approach turns. Even at full speed, the So Lite™ Scooter slows down sufficiently to allow you to turn securely. 

So Lite™ Lightweight Folding Scooter by Journey

  • Weight Limit: 275 lbs


    Wheel Size

    Front: 6"
    Back: 10"


    Max Speed: 5 mph


    Max Climbing Gradient: 8°


    Min Turning Radius: 45"


    Max Mid-Frame Ground Clearance: 4"


    Scooter Length: 39.5"
    Scooter Width: 21.5"
    Scooter Height: 37"


    Folded Dimensions

    Length: 39"
    Width: 21"
    Height: 17"


    Seat Dimensions

    Width: 17"
    Height: 18"


    Scooter Weight w/o Batteries: 40.8 lbs


    Scooter Weight with Batteries: 44.5 lbs

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