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The FGA-450 Mobile Floor Lift by Prism Medical fits all user needs, and is even capable of lifting patients from the floor. This heavy duty lift can hold up to 450 lbs., and is still lightweight and manuveurable.  Its mast has 3 different height options to choose from. Included casters ensure user safety-- they come standard as 4" and can be upgraded to 3".

Prism FGA-450 Mobile Floor Lift

  •  Lifts Patient From Floor:  Yes
     Base Width Open:  45.30"
     Base Type:  Power
     Furniture Clearance Needed:  3.10"
     Internal Base Width - Open:  41.40"
     Internal Base Width - Closed:  23.00"
     Lifting Range:  20.5" to 70.9"
     Base Height:  5.50"
     Overall Length:  52.00"
     Caster Size - Front:  4.00"
     Caster Size - Rear:  4.00"
     Lifts Per Charge:  30 
     Sling Types:  2-Point Sling
     Battery:  24-Volt
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