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The EZ-GO Travel Power Chair by Merits Health is an ideal portable power chair for getting out and about. This chair easily disassembles into three pieces for convenient transport into your car, van or storage area. Whether you’re on a weekend trip or cruise vacation, the portable EZ-GO will keep you independent.

Merits Health EZ-GO/EZ-GO Deluxe

  • Quick-Ship: Yes Yes
    Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.  
    Turning Radius: 23.00" 23.00"
    Tire Type: Solid Solid
    Ground Clearance: 1.80" 2.25"
    Top Speed: 4.00 mph 4.00 mph
    Heaviest Piece: 42 lbs. 54 lbs.
    Maximum Incline Rating: 6 º 6 º
    Battery Charge Distance: 9.00 miles 12.00 miles
    Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive Rear Wheel Drive
    Foldable: No No
    Disassembles: Yes Yes
    Armrest Options: Height Adjustable 
    Height Adjustable 
    Legrest Options: Footplate Footplate
    Seat Options: Stadium Seat Stadium Seat
    Seat Widths: 18" 18"
    Seat Depths: 16" 16"
    Back Height: 18" 18"
    Seat Height: -- --
    Maximum Seat to Floor Height: -- --
    Overall Width: -- --
    Overall Length: -- --
    Joystick Options: Right 
    Frame Type: Transportable Transportable
    Batteries: Two 12V, 14AH Two 12V, 22AH
    Batteries Included: Yes Yes
    Battery Charger Type: Off Board Off Board
    Drive Wheel Size: 8" 8"
    Caster Size: 6" 7"
    Base Weight: -- --
    Standard Seat Weight: -- --
    Battery Pack Weight: -- --
    Weight Without Batteries: -- --
    Controller Type: PG VSI 50A PG VSI 50A
    Suspension: No No
    Handles Thresholds of 2" or More: No No
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