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CLASS II Medical Device

The all-new Cricket Power Wheelchair is elegant, agile, and very portable. The Cricket weighs only 38.5 lbs. with batteries and is made of an extraordinarily robust yet lightweight 100% carbon fiber frame, making travel a breeze! The slim athletic style is ideal for navigating indoors and outdoors whether sightseeing, shopping, or dining. The spacious padded seat cushion and long-lasting mesh back conform to the natural curves of your body, giving long-lasting comfort while on the road.

Golden Cricket by Golden Technologies

  • Drive Range: 9.30 miles 
    Top Speed: 3.70 mph 
    Disassembles: No 
    Turning Radius: 22.00" 
    Ground Clearance: 2.60" 
    Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive 
    Foldable: Yes 
    Armrest Options: Flip-Back 
    Legrest Options: Footplate 
    Power Chair Seat Width: 17" 
    Overall Width: 22.40" 
    Overall Length: 36.60" 
    Battery Type: 10ah 24V Lithium-Ion 
    Battery Charger Type: Off Board 
    Drive Wheel Size: 8" 
    Anti-Tip Size: 2" 
    Caster Size: 7" 
    Weight Without Batteries: 33.00 lbs. 
    Controller Type: 35 
    Handles Thresholds of 2" or Less: Yes
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