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The DASH Ultra Light folding power chair is one of the lightest on the market today. The DASH was created primarily for those on the go, weighing only 43 lbs, or 39 lbs after the battery is removed. DASH is as easy to load as a bag in the back of any car because to its lightweight frame and simple 1-step fold sequence. However, don't be fooled by its low weight; DASH can support up to 265 lbs and has a comfortable 18.5" broad seat. The DASH has very efficient motors that allow you to drive up to 9.5 kilometers on a single charge. For a comfortable ride on uneven indoor or outdoor surfaces, specially engineered wheels and shocks beneath the seat decrease vibration.

DASH Ultra Light by Travel Buggy

  • Drive Range: 9.30 miles 
    Top Speed: 4.30 mph 
    Disassembles: No 
    Heaviest Piece: 39 lbs. 
    Turning Radius: 24.00" 
    Maximum Incline Rating: 9 º 
    Foldable: Yes 
    Seat Depths: 17.25" 
    Back Height: 15" 
    Seat to Floor Height: 20 
    Overall Width: 24.00" 
    Overall Length: 38.00" 
    Battery Type: LITHIUM-ION (24V 10 Ah) 
    Batteries Included: Yes 
    Base Weight: 39.00 lbs. 
    Seat Width Ranges: 18" - 19"
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