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CLASS II Medical Device

The Buzzaround XL 4-Wheel Scooter features the portability of smaller travel scooters but a larger foot platform for enhanced riding pleasure. The 45.5" turning radius enables indoor agility while still providing the added stability of four wheels. When disassembled, the heaviest piece weighs only 40 lbs. The basic 12 AH batteries can travel up to 9 miles on a single charge, but the 22 AH battery option can travel up to 18 miles!

Buzzaround XL 4-Wheel by Golden Technologies

  • Max Speed: 4.00 mph  4.00 mph 
    Scooter Disassembles: Yes  Yes 
    Scooter Drive Range: 10.00 miles  9.00 miles 
    Heaviest Piece: 37 lbs.  40 lbs. 
    Suspension: No  Yes 
    Scooter Seat Width: 17"  17" 
    Delta Tiller: Yes  Yes 
    Quick-Ship: Yes  Yes 
    Weight Capacity: 300 lbs  325 lbs 
    Turning Radius: 45.5"  44" 
    Ground Clearance: 3.50"  4.00" 
    Seat Depth: 14.5  14.5 
    Max Seat to Ground Height: 23.25"  23.75" 
    Lowest Seat to Ground Height: 21.75"  22.25" 
    Max Seat to Deck Height: 18"  18" 
    Multiple Seating Options: No  No 
    Height Adjustable Seat: Yes  Yes 
    Armrest Options: Flip-Back  Flip-Back 
    Flip-Back Armrests: Yes  Yes 
    Wheel Type: Four Wheeled  Four Wheeled 
    Front Wheel Size: 7.5"  7.5" 
    Rear Wheel Size: 8"  8" 
    Air-Filled (Pneumatic) Tires: No  No 
    Overall Width: 20"  20" 
    Overall Length: 40"  40" 
    Axle-to-Axle Length: 30.50"  30.50" 
    Transportable/Collapsible: Yes  Yes 
    Foldable: No  No 
    Battery Type: 2-12AH  2-12AH 
    Batteries Included: Yes  Yes 
    Battery Charger Type: On Board  On Board 
    Larger Battery Option: Yes  Yes 
    Drive Type: Rear-Wheel Drive  Rear-Wheel Drive 
    One-Hand Operation: No  No 
    Braking System: Electro-Mechanical Brakes  Electro-Mechanical Brakes 
    Basket Included: Yes  Yes 
    Headlight: Yes  Yes 
    Weight Without Batteries: 82.00 lbs.  89.00 lbs. 
    Battery Pack Weight: 16.00 lbs.  16.00 lbs. 
    Seat Section Weight: 21.00 lbs.  21.00 lbs. 
    Base and Tiller Weight: 37.00 lbs.  40.00 lbs. 
    Shipping Weight: 98.00 Lbs  105.00 Lbs 
    Charging Port Location: Tiller  Tiller
  • GB-124A-STD

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