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Pride has redesigned the Victory to highlight its amazing look while adding new features to improve its performance. The contemporary tiller provides you with extra storage and built-in cup holders. The tiller also features a convenient USB charging plug for charging your phone while riding. New frosted LED headlights and puddle lights will focus on the road ahead to assist you find your way.

Victory 10.2 3-Wheel

  •   40AH Batteries (Upgrade) U-1 Batteries (Standard)
    Max Speed: 5.20 mph  5.20 mph 
    Scooter Disassembles: Yes  Yes 
    Scooter Drive Range: 13.00 miles  11.00 miles 
    Heaviest Piece: 56.5 lbs.  56.5 lbs. 
    Suspension: No  No 
    Scooter Seat Width: 18" 
    Delta Tiller: Yes  Yes 
    Weight Capacity: 400 lbs  400 lbs 
    Turning Radius: 42"  42" 
    Ground Clearance: 2.40"  2.40" 
    Adjustable Tiller: Yes  Yes 
    Seat Depth: 17  17 
    Max Seat to Ground Height: 24"  25" 
    Lowest Seat to Ground Height: 22"  22" 
    Max Seat to Deck Height: 18.25"  18.25" 
    Multiple Seating Options: No  No 
    Height Adjustable Seat: Yes  Yes 
    High-Back Seat: Yes  Yes 
    Armrest Options: Flip-Back 
    Width Adjustable 
    Width Adjustable 
    Flip-Back Armrests: Yes  Yes 
    Wheel Type: Three Wheeled  Three Wheeled 
    Front Wheel Size: 10"  10" 
    Rear Wheel Size: 10"  10" 
    Air-Filled (Pneumatic) Tires: No  No 
    Overall Width: 22.25"  22.25" 
    Overall Length: 45"  45.25" 
    Transportable/Collapsible: Yes  Yes 
    Battery Type: U-1  U-1 
    Batteries Included: Yes  Yes 
    Battery Charger Type: Off Board  Off Board 
    Larger Battery Option: Yes  Yes 
    Motor Size: 24-Volt DC motor  24-Volt DC motor 
    Drive Type: Rear-Wheel Drive  Rear-Wheel Drive 
    One-Hand Operation: Yes  Yes 
    Braking System: Regenerativeand Electromechanical  Regenerative and Electromechanical 
    Basket Included: Yes  Yes 
    Headlight: Yes  Yes 
    Extended Base: No  No 
    Expedited Shipping Available: No  No 
    Charging Port Location: Tiller  Tiller 
    Quick-Ship: Yes  Yes 
    Foldable: No  --
    Weight Without Batteries: 130.25 lbs.  130.25 lbs. 
    Battery Pack Weight: 64.00 lbs.  49.00 lbs. 
    Seat Section Weight: 28.50 lbs.  28.50 lbs.
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