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Ewheels' M45 makes transporting a power wheelchair easy and afforable. With batteries, this chair weighs up to 60 lbs. making it a durable, lightweight option for travel. With the ability to completely fold up, the chair can be stored in a car trunk or other similar tight spaces. The chair can be folded down to a very space conscious 23” x 13” x 31”.  Maneuvering in tight spaces is easy with a turning radius of only 31".  The 15.5 mile range is good for medium distances and additional batteries are available if you would like to carry a spare, in the removable underseat storage bag. 

EWheels M45 Lightweight Power Wheelchair

  • Drive Range: 31.00 miles 
    Top Speed: 3.70 mph 
    Disassembles: No 
    Heaviest Piece: 58 lbs. 
    Turning Radius: 31.00" 
    Tire Type: Air Filled 
    Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive 
    Foldable: Yes 
    Legrest Options: Footplate 
    Seat Options: Stadium Seat 
    Power Chair Seat Width: 19" 
    Seat Depths: 17" 
    Back Height: 18" 
    Seat to Floor Height: 19.00 
    Overall Width: 23.50" 
    Joystick Options: Right 
    Battery Type: Two 12V 6AH Lithium Batteries 
    Batteries Included: Yes 
    Battery Charger Type: Off Board 
    Drive Wheel Size: 12" 
    Caster Size: 8" 
    Caster Type: Solid 
    Handles Thresholds of 2" or More:


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