Stairlifts near Rancho Cucamonga, Ca and Claremont, Ca



Indoor lifts are great for individuals who can no longer have the option to walk up and down the stairs. They are installed into the stairs not the wall. Most stair lifts have a swivel seat which allows for a safe entry and exit. Seat belts are also a great safety option and additional padding and footrests are available for ultimate comfort and safety.



Outdoor stairlifts are typically installed on porches, patios, and decks. They are a great option for use all year round and a great alternative to minimize risk with slippery or wet outdoor stairs. Outdoor stairlifts are specifically made to withstand outdoor elements with the use of weather covers or marine-grade vinyl.


Custom Curved

Curved stairlifts are required where there is a bend, curve, and or landing mid-way up or down the staircase. Custom curved stair lifts are made specifically for your space.