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Scooters You Can Count On

For many, even traveling short distances can prove difficult or even impossible. With the scooters from Cucamonga Medical, you'll be able to get yourself where you need to go with ease. Discuss your needs with our knowledgeable staff to find out exactly what would work best for your situation.

At Cucamonga Medical, customer service is our top priority. Contact us today to get started with finding the perfect scooter and receive the high-quality assistance you deserve. We make house calls when necessary!

3-wheel portable.png

3-Wheel Portable

With a 3-Wheel Portable Scooter you have the ease of being able to travel without the bulk of a regular 3-Wheel scooter. Most portable scooters are very light weight. They will also disassemble very easily. You can store them in your car, truck or van. The battery life is perfect for a quick trip to the store, or an appointment.


3-Wheel Scooter

A 3-Wheel Scooter is perfect for someone that needs more durability but is still looking for something more lightweight and less bulky. This type of scooter is perfect for indoor use, and use on smooth surfaces. The 3-Wheel design gives it a high turning radius so it is perfect for smaller spaces.

4-wheel portable.png

4-Wheel Portable

4-Wheel Portable Scooters can disassemble easily for stowing in a car, truck, or van. Although they are portable they do offer a higher weight capacity. They offer more stability which makes them perfect for trips outdoors.


4-Wheel Scooter

4-Wheel scooters offer a higher weight capacity than the 3-Wheel scooters. They offer a more stable ride due to the better weight distribution, and higher ground clearance. The battery life on these scooters typically last longer that the 3-Wheel scooters. If you are someone on the go, this is the scooter for you!


All-Terrain Scooters

All-Terrain scooters often have long battery life, large weight capacities and large wheels to make transportation available for any outdoor situation. Some offer front and back wheel suspension, be sure to check out our wide range of all terrain scooters to find one that best fits you!

Folding Scooter.png

Folding Scooters

Folding Scooters are lightweight making them very travel friendly. These scooters are able to fold allowing for easy transport and assembly. The lightweight scooter makes it perfect for individuals with limited mobility. This scooter is perfect for minimal space and convenience.

Heavy Duty.png

Heavy Duty Scooters

Heavy Duty Scooters are ideal for those who are in need of a larger weight capacity. They offer a more powerful motor than standard scooters making them very reliable. The larger seat options makes this type of scooter perfect for individuals looking for something tailored to their needs. Heavy Duty Scooters have a high drive range which makes them perfect for outdoor travel.