Power Wheelchairs

Power Wheelchairs in Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario, Ca


A motorized wheelchair is a mobility device that is powered by a battery allowing the user to use a joystick to propel the chair around. Motorized wheelchairs keep you mobile and independent in life. Cucamonga Medical Equipment and Supplies offers a wide variety of power wheelchairs. Full sized motorized wheelchairs for more stability, portable power chairs for travel and heavy-duty power wheelchairs for higher weight capacity.

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Elevating Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs with elevating seats are great for our customers considering how limited the vertical world is when seated on a wheelchair or scooter. It is difficult for some people to accomplish daily tasks such as being able to reach something from an elevated cupboard or being able to see over a high bar or table.

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Full-Size Power Wheelchairs

Full-size power wheelchairs are perfect for those with limited shoulder strength. A full-size power wheelchair will help you stay independent in completing your daily chores and activities. Cucamonga Medical Equipment and Supplies has a large selection of power wheelchairs from manufacturers including Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies.

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Portable Power Wheelchairs

Portable power wheelchairs help you explore the world. Cucamonga Medical Equipment and Supplies gives you options to meet all of your travel needs. We offer folding power wheelchairs and lightweight power wheelchairs that disassemble into five pieces. These will allow you to conveniently transport your mobility by sea, air or rail.

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Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

With weight capacities of up to 600 lbs, heavy-duty power wheelchairs (Bariatric) are strong enough to accommodate almost any user. When compared with lighter power chairs, heavy-duty models tend to feature larger motors, longer frames, and increased torque. While a lighter power chair may be difficult to maneuver through rougher landscapes, a heavy-duty power wheelchair is designed to tackle even the most challenging terrain.