Patient Lifts

Patient Lifts near Claremont, Ca and Upland, Ca



Manual patient lifts offer a safe way to lift patients with very limited mobility. Manual patient lifts do not require a lot of physical energy to lift the patient. The hard work is accomplished with the use of the hydraulic fluid in the lift. This leaves the individual using the crank with minimal effort.



Power patient lifts are powered either through a rechargeable battery or a standard electrical outlet. These lifts use a hand control to lift the patient, which eliminates any physical exertion for the individual operating the lift. Most of these lifts also allow for the base legs to open and close with the hand control. In the case of power failure, there is a manual backup.


Overhead Track

Overhead track lifts are best if space is limited and the kift will be used in multiple rooms. The tracks can be permanently installed or pressure fitted which helps keep the integrity of the walls and reduce damage. These lifts are battery powered and feature simple controls.



Pool patient lifts are used for assisting individuals into a pool or a spa. It can be installed by being attached or anchored on or near the poolside. These lifts rotate to easily lower the patient into and out of the water.



Standing Patient lifts are used to assist patients into a stand-up position from a seated position, chair, or bed. These lifts are for aiding in standing, strengthening legs, assisting in walking, or training. They are not intended for patient transport. The slings used in Standing patient lifts support the lower back, or the lower back and bottom. They can either be power or manual. Power Standing lifts will be raised with hand controls, and manual lifts will have to be operated by a caregiver who will have to push down on the bar to help the patient stand.


Heavy Duty

Heavy duty patient lifts are specifically designed for individuals who are greater than average in weight. These heavy duty lifts can either be power or manual. These lifts help transport individuals in and out of bed or into a tub. Heavy duty pool, standing, and overhead lifts are also available.